Well… just when you hope you had seen it all, it becomes horrifyingly clear you haven’t. In the city I live in, the place isn’t the most upper class in the world, but one would at least like to think there are still some boundaries…but apparently not.

Cutting to the chase, I was making my way back to the car in the city centre this evening, minding my own business. I was parked just outside the main area, not quite in the outskirts. The street I was parked down, tends to have a couple of local drunks occasionally hanging around, but they are mostly harmless and stay out of the way. There was no one else about, and I figure there will more than likely be at least one there. As I see the loan delinquent, a man easily in his 50s, he stares me straight in the eyes, before starting to pull his pants down in broad daylight. As he began to stagger forward slightly, I was hoping not to get full exposure, but it was worse… he was trying to bend over.

I decided better to just ignore him and walk on to my car, trying as best I could to ignore his combination of flatulence and astonishingly loud groans… but it was hard to ignore. When I got into my car, I hoped he had finished or at least moved more out of site. As I drove up the street, it was far from the case,there he was pulling his cheeks apart… shit smeared everywhere in mid excretion.. with the shit just dropping into his pants…. this is an image that will haunt me for the rest of my life…. thanks ┬ápal… just what I needed before dinner..

But this got me thinking as I drove home… that guys obviously in a pretty dark place in his life to get to that stage. Wondering what could take him to that point, or even more, what exactly was our society doing with people like this. Of course a large portion of blame is on this guy, self infliction and all.. but these guys are all around the place… I just had the misfortune to witness one of his more debased moments. Don’t we have services of some sort to help people like this? If not, should we? or would the statement ‘you made your bed, you can lie in it’, seem more appropriate? I feel pretty torn on the subject, are we failing as a society, or is he failing as a person? or both?
While I was still driving I observed two 12 year old kids standing more or less openly on a busy road smoking in broad daylight. We all know kids will be sneaky and do the things they shouldn’t at some stage, but these two were right there… in front of everyone…

So I came to my conclusion that while the drunk guy from earlier was responsible for his past, future and present, society is clearly screwed up. Fuck evolution, what we are hitting at this point? This is Devolution

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