• Ok, so lets get topical.

    Ebola. yes, its a horrible disease. But people… calm the fuck down. Seriously.

    I swear its like people thrive off the simplest notion of catastrophic, apocalyptic chance. It’s like they want it to happen.

    ok, so I know this isn’t exactly top sourcing… but just look at wikipedia then we can talk like grown ups…


    Biggest point here: The virus may be acquired upon contact with blood or other body fluids of an infected human or other animal.

    So its pretty awkward to get in some respects. unless you are swapping spit with an infected llama, or you know, actually working with an infected person… theres a good chance you will never even remotely come into contact with it. And lets put out a stupidly obvious scenario. Your significant other has been away in one of the countries actually being struck by ebola. Heres a hint for you…. how about you keep it in your goddamn pants for a week or 2 or refrain from swapping ‘bodily fluids’ until you actually pass the point where its pretty clear the person doesnt have it. Another suggestion…. just another freaking obvious no brainer… but, if you are medical staff… directly dealing with an infected person… how about you dont travel for a few weeks… oh and despite what may or may not be said, if you feel sick… don’t get on a fucking plane… seriously. When I heard that part… well… common sense rarely prevails.


    Now, for those of us who are blessed with at least semi decent medical facilities, excellent. Calm the fuck down. These countries that are having such dramatic death tolls are poorer, overpopulated, and the resources available pretty much suck. Of course the occasional one slips through the cracks, someone arrives in another country, has it, and its dealt with.

    Every 2 seconds I am hearing the word Ebola now. Stop it. just stop. Its not an apocalypse, its not the end of humanity (unfortunately in some respects…), and 99% of you WILL NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to getting Ebola. The whole world is treating this like some new catastrophe. Ebola has been around for quite a while. how about work on fixing the source, avoid travelling for  a bit if you are so concerned and most of all Calm the fuck down… I recently heard of someone where I come from reporting into the hospital with ‘symptoms’ of ebola… needless to say it wasnt. I’m pretty sure they hadn’t even left the country or so much as talked to someone who had….

    So use some common sense people… stop acting like the worlds ending. It’s not. besides, if I was wrong, what does it matter? Your numbers already up in that case, so make the most of it while you can instead of crying fucking ‘WOLF!’


    The toothless one


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    Call me naive, idealist or foolish, but I truly have become completely disillusioned with this world. The moral majority just doesn’t seem so moral anymore. We live in a dog eat dog world it’s true, but this […]

  • Well, this is a positive rant that restores a little of my faith in humanity. On another site I noticed someone in my friends who was receiving thanks with a picture of vital medical equipment. Of course curiosity got the better of me and I had to click to look further as to the link.

    I was pleasantly surprised. The picture was of some breathing apparatus from a dog sanctuary, who were in desperate need of it for a pup that had come in. The had posted this out, in the hope that someone in their contacts might just have one, or know someone did. But this guy had gone one better. He had bought one for them from another source, and arranged next day delivery. He had simply left a comment stating that he had done this and it should be with them the next day. I even double checked his profile to see if this was simply something done for bragging rights. Don’t get me wrong, bragging or not, it is still a good deed. But this guy hadn’t with the exception of that comment on the picture.

    The equipment wasn’t the most expensive, but it wasn’t exactly cheap either. The Sanctuary were extremely grateful, and acknowledge this, and if anything, he played the reaction down.

    It’s acts of genuine kindness like this, especially towards animals (as they sometimes get treated second best  in charitable situations on par with humans) that really stick in my memory. No personal benefit or gain to be had here, just genuine good intentions.

    If there were more like this guy, there might be a little less room for ranting lol

  • I have watched a few interesting documentaries of late, describing the idea of a unified society, and alternative governmental structures. They touched on other subjects too, like resource based economies vs monetary. It’s clear for anyone who has been paying attention at all, that there is something fundamentally wrong with the entire structure we use. We are on the verge worldwide of another great depression… and this isn’t the first time.

    Amongst a lot of these great ideas and strategies for the future, came some very strong but debatable points. Firstly, one of my favourite points was about progression and evolution of society, government and generally the way we live. When we invent something, or come out with some new mind blowing technology, What’s the first thing we do with it? We see what ways it can be applied, increasing its potential usage, and we set upon improving the first version. Sometimes we refine the existing items, for more efficient, smoother performance. Or alternatively, we take the current version as a basis for our model, throw out the current components, and start with components we are sure will do the job then times better, maybe in a more logical format. This documentary raised the very valid question on why we reached a certain point in the evolution of our society and government etc, and just settled on it. If anything, just like the technology, these things too should be refined, replaced and generally improved.

    A lot of the components of this future societal structure depended heavily on the assumption that we as a planet could work toward becoming one unified society, working decisions from cold hard logic, rather than emotion and opinions. While of course this idea is extremely inviting and sells itself highly on paper, I fear its a little too much of a utopian dream to ever become a reality. Certainly in our lifetime.

    There exists way too much segregation in our world at this point to even consider the possibility. There are too many contrasting religions for the most part, all convinced that their way is the right way. and of course these religions can have high influence on the political structures, ruling by that particular religions practices and opinions, rather than logical common sense decisions. In my opinion there are only two scenarios where unified society would be achievable with religion. Either all religions are removed from structure, possibly even eradicated, or everyone settles on one religion, that they all share the same level of belief in. For this reason, I don’t think this is achievable. While it is a fantastic, in fact beautiful thought, it simply is too big of a hurdle to overcome, before even considering any other hindrances.

    Of course, the greed and power struggle that lies within corporations, companies, and the desire to have that level of control over people would factor hugely into reasons this would not work as well. But in the early stages of a unified society, these factors would meet strong opposition. Overtime, I am sure they would be resolved. But with religion… all one has to do is take a look around. Some religions limit their raptures and saved members to capped amounts, that are a fraction of the population. Look at the wars fuelled by religious differences around the world. The prejudiced, racial and sexual discrimination, fuelled by different religions. Look at the devout followers of these faiths… there are a lot of them. Unless the unified society was based around their religion, some would be willing to die in opposition to it. In certain countries in the world, statistics have shown that of all faiths, lifestyles and persuasions, that an atheist is least likely to get voted into office. Of course, atheism is my opinion as the correct way, but the idea this documentary had of  having a supercomputer that processes the information to give the best informed decision, would definitely cut out the opinions and emotions… but it would require one hell of a lot of strict, regimented and reviewed coding…!

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    Well, this rant manages to make it into both love and hate, and justly so. This is about businesses  prying into a persons life a little too far over the edge, and for us at SpittingTeeth, this is a issue that […]

  • I think some people just don’t take other people into consideration. Or I don’t understand signposts lol!

    • The more I think on it, I’m sure this guy felt like he was proving some point… but it was stupid either way

  • Completely see where you are coming from lol. And while Catholicism is a good example, there are very few differences between their conception and that of many many other religions. You reminded me of a great and […]

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    Well, I guess I better explain the title. It’s a metaphor related to life.

    I am going through a little bit of an existential crisis…. well maybe not quite that dramatic but yeah.

    Right now, I am a size […]

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    This is one that really bothers me.

    For the record let me state, I’m not a tight ass or some sort of scrooge. If I believe in a charity’s cause, I will happily donate. Especially animal charities, as I […]

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    I shall state from the offset, that I am an atheist. But an atheist with an open mind. I will accept you have your views, if you accept I have mines. At the same time though, I will always question how […]

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    We all know the importance placed on a good college education and I’m not disputing that. Jobs are tougher to get, markets more competitive, and a degree goes a long way. On the same note, university […]

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    Sweet fuck but this one pisses me off. Parking, especially in shopping areas, or generally anywhere that has lines. Guys come on! The lines are even drawn to show you where to park.All these ones that park at […]

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    I like my weekends. Who doesn’t? A Saturday is my sacred space to catch up on all the lost sleep and not have to think about the rest of the week. It’s my safe haven. Now as the weather gets better, I can […]

  • All I can say @badjoke, is that you clearly must be a decent person as I really dont think I would have the patience you have shown to these pricks, nor the strength not to go postal. My car is one of my prized […]

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    Im sure there are very few out there, who at some point wish they had some kind of super powers, whether you want to fly, be invisible, time travel, whatever it is, at some point Im sure we pretty much all […]

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    Well… just when you hope you had seen it all, it becomes horrifyingly clear you haven’t. In the city I live in, the place isn’t the most upper class in the world, but one would at least like to think […]

  • I would assume that schools are supposed to be in attendance tomorrow? Is it a scenario were the parents are with the 15 year old, and does the 15 year old even understand whats going on? I mean there are two ways […]

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    Yes unfortunately, due to time constraints, we havent had a lot of time to develop this site much further, due to other current projects, but rest assured, there is plenty more to come soon! The Toothless One

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