• Ok, so lets get topical.

    Ebola. yes, its a horrible disease. But people… calm the fuck down. Seriously.

    I swear its like people thrive off the simplest notion of catastrophic, apocalyptic chance. It’s like they want it to happen.

    ok, so I know this isn’t exactly top sourcing… but just look at wikipedia then we can talk like grown…[Read more]

  • So as you may have noticed, I have been extremely busy and haven’t been able to keep an eye on the site. In the meantime, spammers obviously find an exploit and weasel their way in as supposed users, cramming the […]

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    Call me naive, idealist or foolish, but I truly have become completely disillusioned with this world. The moral majority just doesn’t seem so moral anymore. We live in a dog eat dog world it’s true, but this […]

  • apologies folks, have not had a lot of time recently due to a lot of varying circumstances, but rest assured, SpittingTeeth has not been forgotten.
    There will be some changes to the rules soon, some updates to features and functionality.

    Things are about to get a lot more interesting around these parts…

    So watch this space!

    The Toothless One

  • Well, this is a positive rant that restores a little of my faith in humanity. On another site I noticed someone in my friends who was receiving thanks with a picture of vital medical equipment. Of course curiosity got the better of me and I had to click to look further as to the link.

    I was pleasantly surprised. The picture was of some…[Read more]

  • As you may have noticed, we have added some new sections and features!

    Firstly, we have the confessions section. Sometimes rants aren’t always about what you love or hate, its more about the things you want to […]

  • I have watched a few interesting documentaries of late, describing the idea of a unified society, and alternative governmental structures. They touched on other subjects too, like resource based economies vs monetary. It’s clear for anyone who has been paying attention at all, that there is something fundamentally wrong with the entire structure…[Read more]

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    Well, this rant manages to make it into both love and hate, and justly so. This is about businesses  prying into a persons life a little too far over the edge, and for us at SpittingTeeth, this is a issue that […]

  • I think some people just don’t take other people into consideration. Or I don’t understand signposts lol!

    • The more I think on it, I’m sure this guy felt like he was proving some point… but it was stupid either way

  • Completely see where you are coming from lol. And while Catholicism is a good example, there are very few differences between their conception and that of many many other religions. You reminded me of a great and […]

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    Well, I guess I better explain the title. It’s a metaphor related to life.

    I am going through a little bit of an existential crisis…. well maybe not quite that dramatic but yeah.

    Right now, I am a size […]

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    This is one that really bothers me.

    For the record let me state, I’m not a tight ass or some sort of scrooge. If I believe in a charity’s cause, I will happily donate. Especially animal charities, as I […]

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    I shall state from the offset, that I am an atheist. But an atheist with an open mind. I will accept you have your views, if you accept I have mines. At the same time though, I will always question how […]

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    We all know the importance placed on a good college education and I’m not disputing that. Jobs are tougher to get, markets more competitive, and a degree goes a long way. On the same note, university […]

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    Sweet fuck but this one pisses me off. Parking, especially in shopping areas, or generally anywhere that has lines. Guys come on! The lines are even drawn to show you where to park.All these ones that park at […]

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    I like my weekends. Who doesn’t? A Saturday is my sacred space to catch up on all the lost sleep and not have to think about the rest of the week. It’s my safe haven. Now as the weather gets better, I can […]

  • All I can say @badjoke, is that you clearly must be a decent person as I really dont think I would have the patience you have shown to these pricks, nor the strength not to go postal. My car is one of my prized […]

  • Toothless posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    keep on keeping on 😉

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    Im sure there are very few out there, who at some point wish they had some kind of super powers, whether you want to fly, be invisible, time travel, whatever it is, at some point Im sure we pretty much all […]

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    Well… just when you hope you had seen it all, it becomes horrifyingly clear you haven’t. In the city I live in, the place isn’t the most upper class in the world, but one would at least like to think […]

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