Ebola… freaking ebola….

October 17, 2014 in Spitting Hate by Toothless

Ok, so lets get topical.

Ebola. yes, its a horrible disease. But people… calm the fuck down. Seriously.

I swear its like people thrive off the simplest notion of catastrophic, apocalyptic chance. It’s like they want it to happen.

ok, so I know this isn’t exactly top sourcing… but just look at wikipedia then we can talk like grown ups…


Biggest point here: The virus may be acquired upon contact with blood or other body fluids of an infected human or other animal.

So its pretty awkward to get in some respects. unless you are swapping spit with an infected llama, or you know, actually working with an infected person… theres a good chance you will never even remotely come into contact with it. And lets put out a stupidly obvious scenario. Your significant other has been away in one of the countries actually being struck by ebola. Heres a hint for you…. how about you keep it in your goddamn pants for a week or 2 or refrain from swapping ‘bodily fluids’ until you actually pass the point where its pretty clear the person doesnt have it. Another suggestion…. just another freaking obvious no brainer… but, if you are medical staff… directly dealing with an infected person… how about you dont travel for a few weeks… oh and despite what may or may not be said, if you feel sick… don’t get on a fucking plane… seriously. When I heard that part… well… common sense rarely prevails.


Now, for those of us who are blessed with at least semi decent medical facilities, excellent. Calm the fuck down. These countries that are having such dramatic death tolls are poorer, overpopulated, and the resources available pretty much suck. Of course the occasional one slips through the cracks, someone arrives in another country, has it, and its dealt with.

Every 2 seconds I am hearing the word Ebola now. Stop it. just stop. Its not an apocalypse, its not the end of humanity (unfortunately in some respects…), and 99% of you WILL NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to getting Ebola. The whole world is treating this like some new catastrophe. Ebola has been around for quite a while. how about work on fixing the source, avoid travelling for  a bit if you are so concerned and most of all Calm the fuck down… I recently heard of someone where I come from reporting into the hospital with ‘symptoms’ of ebola… needless to say it wasnt. I’m pretty sure they hadn’t even left the country or so much as talked to someone who had….

So use some common sense people… stop acting like the worlds ending. It’s not. besides, if I was wrong, what does it matter? Your numbers already up in that case, so make the most of it while you can instead of crying fucking ‘WOLF!’


The toothless one


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The Return of SpittingTeeth!!!!

January 31, 2014 in Spitting Hate, Spitting Love by Toothless



Yes, its true!

after domain camping assholes managed to grab the domain name and sit on it, I simply waited until they got bored. and took it back.  So ladies and gentlemen, teeth and spitters, welcome back to the venom pit! Few kinks to iron out, cobwebs and dust to blow off, but its bat to arms!


The Toothless One

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Apologies on the spammers…

August 28, 2012 in Spitting Hate by Toothless

So as you may have noticed, I have been extremely busy and haven’t been able to keep an eye on the site. In the meantime, spammers obviously find an exploit and weasel their way in as supposed users, cramming the site full with crap that no semi-intelligent person is actually ever going to click on…

why bother? do they find this method effective really? Personally I would never click on one of your idiotic and boring nonsensical posts – clearly designed to bypass security. ‘This topic interests me, i like your subject’…. not generic at all… couldn’t apply to anything… in reality couldn’t be any more obvious that its a spam comment.

or these random half stories about a troll under the stairs or some shit? What the fuck? that doesn’t even make sense…. so why would you expect someone even half interested to click on the weird obscure shoe site you have mentioned half way through your stupid troll thing. what, does her wear high heels bought exclusively at this site? Are we expecting to see pictures of said troll modelling these high heels? obviously not.

So piss off with your stupid spam posts. That being said, I have deleted any user who even remotely looks like a potential spam account. this exploit is currently being fixed, and this is only some form of spam bot, no other user data has even been remotely comprimised. i have gone to great lengths in creating this site to ensure this.

If I deleted your account and you were not spam. apologies. please sign up again and possibly even drop me an email or private message, letting me know that I was wrong to delete you.

the toothless one

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A World I don’t recognise

June 17, 2012 in Spitting Hate by Toothless

Call me naive, idealist or foolish, but I truly have become completely disillusioned with this world. The moral majority just doesn’t seem so moral anymore. We live in a dog eat dog world it’s true, but this goes beyond this. We surround ourselves in sheer ignorance and material distractions. I should know, I find myself falling into these distractions constantly as well. Like I say, this is the world we live in.

Everyone seems to be in this permanent rush, ignorant to those around them. Maybe they are, but they have just become to selfish to care. I find it ironic that the ones that feel like the world owes them, tend to have got more than their fair share in life, yet those who have nothing, are eternally grateful for even the smallest of gestures. Get over it, the world owes you nothing. If you are reading this, you clearly have access to the internet, maybe on your smartphone or your laptop. Your problems in life are nowhere near as bad as some others in the world. It seems as if they don’t matter, unless you can somehow look good in the progress. Always the martyr when it looks good on tape – just make sure they get your good side.

This disillusioned, disconnected feeling isn’t hard to spot a cause for. Look around you. What the hell is happening in this world? I would say we were on the verge of anarchy, but even that would be an improvement. People have forgotten their humanity, though there are a small number who can still respectfully be called human.

In short, to all those out there who think the world owes them, as they drive to work in their job that pays bills and hell, maybe even generates a little savings. GET OFF YOUR PEDESTAL. Life isn’t about who can do what for you. It’s not about the latest fad, the obsessive clinging to something that temporarily makes you feel alive. Its hard to feel alive when you are drowning in your own self pity. This place has become a cesspit, bubbling with hatred, racism, religious and financial wars… I mean FUCK!!! Just last week a man was jailed for 2 and a half years in the crux of muslim communities. Why? He openly said he was an atheist. He did not incite war, murder people, burn the koran. He merely reflected a difference of opinion.. and apparently the maximum sentence for blasphemy was a lot more severe, he apparently ‘got off lightly’.


I just… I just don’t know. For a race with such huge potential, we sure know how to waste it….

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Its been a while….

May 17, 2012 in Spitting Hate by Toothless

apologies folks, have not had a lot of time recently due to a lot of varying circumstances, but rest assured, SpittingTeeth has not been forgotten.
There will be some changes to the rules soon, some updates to features and functionality.

Things are about to get a lot more interesting around these parts…

So watch this space!

The Toothless One

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New Features on SpittingTeeth.com

April 3, 2012 in Spitting Hate by Toothless

As you may have noticed, we have added some new sections and features!

Firstly, we have the confessions section. Sometimes rants aren’t always about what you love or hate, its more about the things you want to get off your chest. After all, the users here are all anonymous, so no one knows its your confession!

The other main feature we have added is The SpitRoom! This is a live chatroom area, where you can talk with other anonymous users and even private message them with our nifty little IM. The IM goes around all the pages of the site with you once its open, until you chose to close it.

The idea of The SpitRoom? Well sometimes, when you really get into the dirt with someone you disagree with on here, or the discussion gets heated, comment sections just aren’t quick enough… So take it to the SpitRoom, and discuss the matter in an open arena!


So… what are you waiting for? Get Spitting!


The Toothless One

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Unified Society. Utopian dream or hindered potential?

March 30, 2012 in Spitting Hate by Toothless

I have watched a few interesting documentaries of late, describing the idea of a unified society, and alternative governmental structures. They touched on other subjects too, like resource based economies vs monetary. It’s clear for anyone who has been paying attention at all, that there is something fundamentally wrong with the entire structure we use. We are on the verge worldwide of another great depression… and this isn’t the first time.

Amongst a lot of these great ideas and strategies for the future, came some very strong but debatable points. Firstly, one of my favourite points was about progression and evolution of society, government and generally the way we live. When we invent something, or come out with some new mind blowing technology, What’s the first thing we do with it? We see what ways it can be applied, increasing its potential usage, and we set upon improving the first version. Sometimes we refine the existing items, for more efficient, smoother performance. Or alternatively, we take the current version as a basis for our model, throw out the current components, and start with components we are sure will do the job then times better, maybe in a more logical format. This documentary raised the very valid question on why we reached a certain point in the evolution of our society and government etc, and just settled on it. If anything, just like the technology, these things too should be refined, replaced and generally improved.

A lot of the components of this future societal structure depended heavily on the assumption that we as a planet could work toward becoming one unified society, working decisions from cold hard logic, rather than emotion and opinions. While of course this idea is extremely inviting and sells itself highly on paper, I fear its a little too much of a utopian dream to ever become a reality. Certainly in our lifetime.

There exists way too much segregation in our world at this point to even consider the possibility. There are too many contrasting religions for the most part, all convinced that their way is the right way. and of course these religions can have high influence on the political structures, ruling by that particular religions practices and opinions, rather than logical common sense decisions. In my opinion there are only two scenarios where unified society would be achievable with religion. Either all religions are removed from structure, possibly even eradicated, or everyone settles on one religion, that they all share the same level of belief in. For this reason, I don’t think this is achievable. While it is a fantastic, in fact beautiful thought, it simply is too big of a hurdle to overcome, before even considering any other hindrances.

Of course, the greed and power struggle that lies within corporations, companies, and the desire to have that level of control over people would factor hugely into reasons this would not work as well. But in the early stages of a unified society, these factors would meet strong opposition. Overtime, I am sure they would be resolved. But with religion… all one has to do is take a look around. Some religions limit their raptures and saved members to capped amounts, that are a fraction of the population. Look at the wars fuelled by religious differences around the world. The prejudiced, racial and sexual discrimination, fuelled by different religions. Look at the devout followers of these faiths… there are a lot of them. Unless the unified society was based around their religion, some would be willing to die in opposition to it. In certain countries in the world, statistics have shown that of all faiths, lifestyles and persuasions, that an atheist is least likely to get voted into office. Of course, atheism is my opinion as the correct way, but the idea this documentary had of  having a supercomputer that processes the information to give the best informed decision, would definitely cut out the opinions and emotions… but it would require one hell of a lot of strict, regimented and reviewed coding…!

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Taking a stand when business crosses the line

March 28, 2012 in Spitting Hate, Spitting Love by Toothless

Well, this rant manages to make it into both love and hate, and justly so. This is about businesses  prying into a persons life a little too far over the edge, and for us at SpittingTeeth, this is a issue that strikes right to the very core of why this site exists.

So recently I read about Employers, while interviewing, basically demanding access to the subject social networking details as it was locked to public view. To me, this is totally unacceptable. It is a complete invasion of privacy and should not effect the impression of your skills as an employee. One set of pictures from a crazy night you would probably prefer to forget, could completely destroy your chances. Perhaps you campaign for something you believe strongly in, that they feel they don’t want as an issue. Perhaps you are a weekend drag queen who shocks anyone with your weekend antics, cross-dressing, and entertaining a crowd.

But this is activities from your private life. They should have no bearing whatsoever on your value as an employee. Just because you like to strut around in high heels in your own time, doesn’t make you any less of an accountant for example. There is a level of professionalism missing here. Of course, it goes without saying that during working hours, we all are expected to maintain a high level of this, but this is a two way street. The companies we work for or aspire to work for should also show this same level of professionalism.

Most of these companies ask employees to sign confidentiality agreements, and well, its pretty stupid to go mouth off about the place you work in a social place as that’s just not professional. Though at the same time you are entitled to vent… just better not to mention specifics.

I myself have had first hand experience of a company I worked for poking their nose way too far into my private space, only for it to blow in their face. I was pulled to the side and given stern words about a comment I had made on a certain social network site. Ironically, the comment was taken completely out of context and wasn’t even linked in any way to this company. But someone in the HR department decided this was an attack on the company. Needless to say I pointed out the lack of any consent to spy on me in such a manner, that I had lost my trust in the company, and that this ‘comment’ had nothing to do with them, and their assumptions had done nothing but leave them with egg on their face… This of course from this point drove the very concept of SpittingTeeth. A place where no name of a company is mentioned, nor a person to connect the comment to. A place of catharsis without consequence.

Others have not been so fortunate. Some companies even require you to connect yourself to a member of their HR team, almost contractually. This is a complete invasion of your private life. You don’t bring your personal life into your place of work, and as such, your work should not force itself into controlling your personal life.

The reason I have put this as a positive rant though is thanks to the particular social network site in question. They have taken a stand against this behavior, stating that it’s an invasion of what the site was intended for. They have gone so far as to state that they will take legal action in cases where their reputation is tarred by the behavior of these companies. I hope these companies do take notice. Work and play are separate areas, you have to let your employees have their own life outside of work. This way you have fitter, happier staff. This in turn will make them more beneficial to you, especially knowing that they are not being  judged by who they are in their personal time, but by the caliber of their contributions to your company.

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Profile photo of canines by canines

All respect to cyclists but….

March 28, 2012 in Spitting Hate by canines

For the most part I don’t have a problem with cyclists, if anything I respect them a lot and wish I had the motivation that they do. I drive and I don’t mind making the appropriate space for cyclists, but for the love of fuck, when the area has been altered to narrower roads so that cycle paths are available, then use the fucking things!

I decided to get this out as this happened today on a really busy road, and caused traffic to nearly grind to a halt on a fast road… we all had to make our way round this cyclist, who seemed to be making a point out of cycling right in the middle of the lane. As I say, I wouldn’t mind, but the fucking cycle path was right beside him… made specifically so he wouldn’t be inconvenienced by the traffic and vice versa… I think some people are either set in their ways, or logic escapes them….

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Noise mongering, Nosey Neighbours

March 24, 2012 in Spitting Hate by Toothless

I like my weekends. Who doesn’t? A Saturday is my sacred space to catch up on all the lost sleep and not have to think about the rest of the week. It’s my safe haven. Now as the weather gets better, I can tolerate the noise of lawn mowers, occasional kid noises etc. But there is a limit. Always a limit. Once again, I appear to have been awoken by the incessant terror wall of noise of screaming kids… this can mean only one horrifying realization. the bouncy/jumpy castles are back.

The noisy inflatable monstrosities that seem to compel kids to scream as loud and as high pitched as possible. During the week, I wouldn’t care too much, as I usually am up and out early for work, but this is on a Saturday, from the early hours. And this continues ALL day, these kids don’t stop…

When I eventually lose it enough to look out and assess how horrifying the situation actually is, as always, I am greeted by the inevitable. The lurking father. This man…. he is a proper creep. It almost seems like no matter what time of the day I look out that back yard… there he is, arbitrarily doing something near the fence, but ALWAYS looking over! It’s like a disease, you look out at all, from any time or any angle, and eye contact is made.

When you mow the lawn, there he is. He sometimes tries to chat to you too, while you are fucking mowing the lawn and clearly busy, and of course you have to stop the mower to hear what he is saying. When you have a few friends over, maybe having a couple of quiet drinks in the good weather on the patio, there he is. And he may think its discreet, but its blatantly obvious he is listening in… especially when someone mentions something about whistling, and all of a sudden he starts randomly whistling while ‘tending’ to his plants, or whatever excuse he happens to be using.

On a personal level, I don’t have a lot of time for kids. Don’t want my own and I don’t want to deal with yours. You chose to have them, so maybe control them and stop making excuses for their behavior too… Your kid doesn’t have the condition you say he has. I know people and have met kids that do. What he has is spoiled brat syndrome – your fault. Clearly by the way he demands things, the constant supply of toys, trampolines, jumping castles and whatever else his latest notion is.

So before you glare over my fence, judging what I do, listening to every word we say. Maybe take a look at your own setup before you criticize or analyze mines. Maybe you are pining for the peace you once had, and think we have it. Well… thanks to you we don’t and until we move, probably never will. Yeah that’s right… you are one of the reasons in our list as to why I am moving. For the sake of Sanity!


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